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Can a Prefab Home Be Built on a Concrete Building ?

It is known that concrete floor are required for the installation of prefabricated houses. After the concrete floor has dried, if the modular parts of the prefabricated house are completed, the installation is carried out and the prefabricated house is delivered to the customer. The purpose of pouring the floor concrete in prefabricated houses is to create a foundation on the land where the prefabricated house will be built, and to eliminate the bumps. If the concrete floor is flat, can prefabricated houses be built on a reinforced concrete structure as an floor top?

concrete and prefab home


Can prefabricated houses be built on top of a concrete structure? It is necessary to add some conditions to the question. The logic here is the concrete floor feature that should be in the construction of prefabricated houses is about to benefit from the area of another concrete structure. However, if there will be a production in this way, the durability of the concrete house is an important criteria. At the same time, the ceiling floor of the reinforced concrete structure, on which a prefabricated house will be built, must be flat as well.

As it is known, as the number of floors of houses or structures increases, the load on their foundations also increases. For this reason, whether it is a prefabricated house or a concrete house, flat floor is required. For this reason, in the process of deciding to use a reinforced concrete structure as a floor in order to increase the number of floors of prefabricated houses, it is necessary to have a single-storey reinforced concrete house, which is considered as a floor. Can a Prefabricated House be Built on a Concrete Building as a Floor Top?  Although the answer to the question is yes, it is necessary to clarify that this is only valid for one storey buildings.

Before deciding to build a prefabricated house as a floor on top of a concrete structure, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the one storey reinforced concrete structure, which is evaluated on a ground basis, has a roof or not. At this point, there should be no reasons that prevent production on the roofs of reinforced concrete houses there should not be in formations such as chimneys as well.

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