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Can a Prefabricated House Be Built on a Concrete House As a 2nd Floor ?

You may have a concrete house and want to have two storey house right ? We can make your dreams come true because it is possible to built a prefab home on concrete house as a 2nd floor. You can see the details above about the whole process !

It is wondered whether a prefabricated home can be built on a reinforced concrete building, so it is time to talk about it 🙂 Can a prefab home be built on a reinforced concrete building, yes it can ! However, the reinforced concrete building must be a single storey. At the same time, the reinforced concrete building must have a flat ceiling. Reinforced concrete building must have a solid structure in order to carry the prefabricated house as well. Prefabricated home can be built on any reinforced concrete building with these features. The roof of the reinforced concrete building should be flat and there should be no antennas and similar things on it. If the roof of the reinforced concrete building is not flat, the prefabricated house will not sit on the reinforced concrete building completely. This can cause great difficulties. In order to make the base strong, the building must sit on a flat ground. In order to build a prefab home on a reinforced concrete building, the reinforced concrete houses must be single storey.  If the reinforced concrete building is solid, then there will be no problems with the prefabricated house.

Do you want to see ideal campaign prefab homes ? We have a lot of unique prefab home models in our website ! If you’re looking for affordable and quality prefab homes, Ideal Prefab is the best option for you. As a biggest prefab manufacturer in Turkey, we can produce prefab homes, steel house, tiny house and a lot of steel and prefab structures. If you want to know that “why you should buy a prefab house?” you must read our blog 🙂

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