Ideal Prefab; started its production with prefabricated houses, office buildings, social facilities, earthquake – resistant houses and light steel structures. Ideal Prefab sets continuous growth which has expanded its production network and succeeded in becoming one of the leading companies in the sector with steel construction structures and container manufacturing.

Ideal Prefab produces prefab homes, construction site buildings, social facilities, hospitals, schools, office and living containers and steel construction structures. It has been successfully serving its customers more than 20 years.

It works on the basis of customer satisfaction. It offers fast and quality solutions in line with customer needs.

Our machine park consists of 7 Rollfrom machines, 6 Apkant presses, 3 Guillotine shears, drill benches and multi-purpose assembly bench equipment.

Our company, which takes quality as a standard measure and attaches importance to R&D studies, produces with the goal of zero error in the machine park created by following the latest technologies.

Galvanized sheets brought to our factory in rolls can be produced in the desired size and length in Rollfrom machines. The materials produced in the desired length are stacked on pallets and made ready for shipment.

All metal parts used in our production are completely galvanized and have the feature of rustproofing.

Static calculations are made by considering the climatic conditions of the region where the building will be established. As a result of these calculations, the production is made using completely galvanized profile and weldless construction technology.

All of the materials used in container manufacturing are galvanized and are produced in one piece and disassembled.

We are proud of continuing our existence and successfully representing our country in many countries of the world, including Germany, Turkmenistan, North Africa, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, England, Libya, Tajikistan, Romania, Sudan, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Georgia.

Prefab structures 15000 m²
Modular containers 500 unit
Disassembled containers 300 unit
Light steel structures 7000 m²
Hight steel factory structures 5000 m²

Our factory