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How to Build a Prefab Home in 4 Stages ?

How to Build a Prefab Home in 4 Stages ?

Prefabricated structures are being used widely every day due to the development of technology and the construction industry. These structures, which are previously produced in factories, can be installed in a very short time. The construction of these houses goes through 4 stages.

1. Obtaining land permits for the Prefabricated House;

First of all, you need to find a land. Let’s say your land is ready, in this case, you need to get some prefabricated house license permissions from the relevant institutions. Although it is not as difficult as reinforced concrete or other structures, you need to get permissions to build prefabricated structures on your land.

2. Production of Prefab Home

Let’s say you decided to build a prefab home. If you have a enough budget, you can now make a deal with us. During the meeting, “What do you want in the prefabricated building, what kind of needs do you have, what size should it be, how many people are you going to live in?” A project is going to be delivered to production. By taking these drawings into account in the factory, the productions with a very low margin of error are completed with the machines.

3. Preparation of the floor concrete & foundation

For the installation of a prefabricated house, the land must first be examined. It is necessary to check he floor is flat and if it is flat, concrete can be poured and the assembly process will be started after that. It should be said that this is the most important stage.

4. Assembly of the Prefab Home

As a result of bringing the parts to the land completely, the assembly process varies according to the size of the structure, but is usually completed within a few days. The assembly process generally goes in the following order.

  • -U profile mounting on the floor,
  • -Placing the prefabricated home on the ground,
  • -Assembling of wall panels,
  • -Installation of window frames,
  • -Placement of windows,
  • -Arrangement of door frames
  • -Installation of doors,
  • -Installation of the roof truss,
  • -Placing the roof truss,
  • -Electrical installation,
  • -Water installation,
  • -Placing of purlins
  • -Placing of roof trusses,
  • -Painting




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