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Prefab Home Foundation & Floor Concrete

How is the Prefab Home Foundation & Floor Concrete Can Be Made?

Production materials of prefab homes are made in factories with special machines but these works in factories are not enough for the installation of prefabricated houses on a land. Although the pre-installation phase of the prefab home is finished with these parts, the installation of the houses is done on a certain floor concrete. Prefab home foundation is built normal reinforced concrete houses. First of all, the floor must be prepared in accordance with the structure and size of the prefab house. In addition, the dimensions of the foundation depending on the customer’s request and also the m2. In concrete pouring, scale application is required. The necessary conditions for the foundation structure of the flat floor must be provided.

Step by step – prefab home floor concrete & foundation

  • The floor concrete will be flattened.
  • It is necessary to adjust the places where the carrier columns of the building are and the molds should be nailed according to this.
  • Connecting the beams
  • Filling the column cavities with stones and similar filling materials.
  • Covering with a membrane from the corners Application of EPS (condensed styrofoam with 20 density) for heat insulation.
  • Screed application.

Floor concrete prices are not included in the prices of our prefabricated houses. We give a concrete plan to our customer, you are responsible for the necessary process for floor concrete. Those who want to complete the house in a short time on this subject should pour the floor concrete before starting the house installation. The prefab homes we produce are built on flat floors. For those who want to build a prefabricated house foundation, it should be said that it is extremely important that the necessary floor concrete are carried out by experts in this field. Prefab home structures are much better in earthquake than reinforced concrete structures.

Example Prefab Home Floor Concrete;


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