Do you want to do a research on prefabricated buildings prices 2022 ? Then we can advise you to evaluate the product options of Ideal Prefab. You can get an idea from our website for our single-storey or two storey house models, which are designed and planned as you wish. Every house we have designed for you offers you unlimited options that you can never imagine in terms of unlimited imagination, color options you want, and suitability for the seasons of your location. The standard things in our houses, which are designed by taking into account your wishes instead of standard house types, are the quality of our materials, houses and our team 🙂

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    What Is Prefab Home ?

    If we need to explain it in a single sentence, a prefabricated house is the name given to the method of assembling ready-made elements in the field according to a pre-planned plan. A 100 square meter house, whose components such as interior wall, exterior wall, door, roof, window, interior paint, exterior paint, electrical system, plumbing, toilet bowl, shower tube, and fuse box are manufactured as fabrication and assembled on the concrete platform. It will be installed in 1 week.

    Prefab Home Prices 

    Prefabricated houses are optional structures. For example; The ceiling height of a prefabricated house can be 2.50 meters, 2.80 meters or 3 meters. Our ceiling height is 2.50 meters in our economical prefabricated houses, 2.80 meters in our campaigned prefabricated houses, and we use it as wooden patterned. For example, in a prefabricated house, the outer wall thickness is 10 cm and the inner wall thickness is 6 cm. Here, the inner wall can be10 cm too. In addition, styrofoam or rock wool can be used as insulation material for these prefabricated house walls. OSB 3 and membrane can be added to the roof to further increase the insulation. In short, the prices depends on your need. Do not forget to contact us for the prices !

    What Are the Technical Specifications of Prefab Homes ?

    As Ideal Prefab, we provide much higher quality service in our prefab homes than other companies. As the largest prefabricated house manufacturer in Turkey, we offer our customers many options in technical specifications. At the same time, we use the highest quality materials in all prefabricated houses. Standard prefab house features are 2.80 ceiling height and wooden pattern. Extra insulation can be used on the roof.

    How to Design Prefab Home Projects ?

    Our prefabricated house models are actually designed by our architects and engineers, taking into account the needs of the family.

    How to Buy Prefab Homes ?

    When buying a prefabricated house, first of all, you should read the customer comments and detailed prefabricated house videos on our Youtube, Instagram and Facebook pages. We want you to watch. It will also be useful to watch the prefabricated house question and answer live broadcasts we made with our customers on Instagram. After obtaining all the information, you should visit our Turkey’s largest prefabricated house factory in Kocaeli Gebze. In our factory, you will be able to see the manufacture area of a prefabricated house and experience our sample prefab homes. After this, our expert sales representatives will make a detailed meeting with you about the prefabricated house. After discussing the details of the prefabricated house you have requested, your official contract and payments are going to be completed. After that, the production process will begin. Finally, your prefab house home will be shipped on the date you want.

    Where Do We Build Prefab Home ?

    It is not possible to officially build a house in prefabricated houses without a zoning permit. Prefab homes are structures with a durability life of 40-50 years. Of course, it can be disassembled and moved to another place if desired, but the only structures allowed by the relevant institution in Turkey are mobile houses & tiny houses, which are very popular today. Since these houses are licensed and have license plates, these houses are not subject to a zoning permit and are classified in the vehicle class. Still, some municipalities grant special permits for prefabricated houses, so you can consult the municipality or architectural offices in your city about this.

    How to Get a Prefab Home Licence, How Much Does It Cost ? (Turkey)

    Getting a license for a prefabricated house usually proceeds in the following process. First of all, you need to go to an architecture office in your district and inform you which land belongs to you and ask how many m2 you can build a house in your land. Then the architectural office determines how and where you can put the prefab home The drawing file related to the prefabricated house will be prepared by us. The architectural office will prepare a license file related to this and the license file it has prepared includes an electrical project, mechanical project, architectural project and static project. If there is no problem in it, the relevant institution will give approval and the license process will be completed.

    What Are the Advantages of Prefab Homes ?

    Prefabricated houses have a short construction period and are not dependent on climate and season. It is much more resistant to earthquakes compared to reinforced concrete houses, All costs are determined and fixed at the time of the contract. It provides energy saving thanks to its strong heat insulation. Once installed, it can be disassembled and moved wherever you want. These prefab structures have been preferred a lot lately.

    What Should Be Considered About Prefab Homes ?

    First of all, you need to have an information about “is the company a manufacturer or not ?”. It would be a good idea to see the location of the company. Make sure that they are experts in their field. They have to have professional teams in the production and assembly stages after the sales service. Apart from the services offered to you, when you have a problem after your house is completed, pay attention to the fact that you can find a person in the company and provide the necessary solutions quickly, There should not be no substances harmful to human health in the materials used. Pay attention to the institutionalism of the company.

    About Concrete Floor (Foundation)

    Prefabricated houses do not need concrete except for the basement & foundation (floor concrete). When the concrete leveling and compaction are done. It is necessary to adjust the places where the carrier columns of the building are and the molds should be nailed accordingly.

    Connecting the beams, filling the column gaps with stone and similar filling material.

    Bundling with membrane from the corners.

    Application of eps (condensed 16 density styrofoam) after concrete for heat insulation. Afterwards, screed application is required.

    Best Prefab Home Company & Why You Should Choose Ideal Prefab ?

    You can see our modern designs on our website. Our architects and engineers prepare the best designs for you. We, as Turkey’s largest prefabricated house manufacturer, are building the best quality houses for you. In our standard houses, we provide 2.80 building height and wooden patterned top betopan. All the products used in it are technically much more robust and stronger than other companies.

    Is Zoning Permit is Necessary for Prefab Homes ? (Turkey)

    One of the most frequently asked questions today is “Is there a need for zoning for prefabricated houses?” Yes, it is necessary because prefabricated houses are not temporary structures, they are long-lasting structures with a life span of 40-50 years. Only structures that are not subject to zoning are wheeled & trailers houses with license plates, because these structures are not considered as houses. For the Prefabricated House, after the zoning, a license must be obtained.

    About Second Hand Prefab Home

    Second hand prefabricated house can be bought but there are some points that need attention. “Who produced the second hand prefabricated house?” It is necessary to research the production quality of the company, you should call the company and ask about the quality of the material and see that the house is properly installed. Another important factor is the assembler who makes the prefabricated house is also important reasons about buying a second hand prefab home.

    What Is the Life Span of Prefab Home ? 

    Prefabricated houses are structures with a long life, contrary to popular belief, these prefabricated houses, which are low maintenance, long and stylish, have a life of 40-50 years. It is a great advantage that these houses, which are fast, stylish, convenient and earthquake resistant, have such a long life.

    How to Maintain Prefab Home ? Maintenance of Prefab Home

    Prefabricated houses are very easy to maintain, you just need to paint the interior and exterior of the house and clean the gutter on the roof every 3-4 year.

    Which Seasons Are Suitable for Prefab Homes ?

    You can live in our prefab homes all seasons of summer The reason for this is that we use 8.5 cm eps styrofoam with a density of 16 in prefabricated house walls (standard). This keeps the heat insulation of prefabricated houses at a very good level. Glass wool is also used for insulation on the roofs of prefabricated houses. In this way, you can live in prefabricated houses in all seasons without any problems.

    Are Prefab Homes Suitable in Extreme Cold Regions ?

    Yes, it is easy to use. Especially in the villages, the difficulty of the construction makes prefab home popular and preferable. So, can prefabricated houses be used at high altitudes? Yes, it can be used, but if there is a high snowload (over 1.5 meters) and a cold above -10 in the region, we make extra applications. So what are these extra applications? OSB+membrane can be put on the roof of the house and we increase the slope of the roof from 30 degrees to 45 degrees.

    Can Ideal Prefab Send Prefab Home All Around the World ?

    Yes, we can send and install our prefabricated and steel houses all over the world. The countries that we send the most prefabricated houses are Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. In our steel houses, we usually make it to countries such as Germany,Netherlands, and France. In addition, we establish prefabricated dormitories, prefabricated dining halls, prefabricated schools, prefabricated hospitals around the world.

    Prefab Houses vs Concrete Houses

    Prefabricated houses should be preferred because both the construction period is short and the cost is low. They are structures that can be moved to another place if desired, can be used in 4 seasons and are very easy to maintain. Prefabricated houses, which are completed in a period of only 1 month, are more advantageous in every maintenance than a reinforced concrete house that will be completed in 1 year. Every day spent in construction increases costs. The speed advantage provided by prefabricated houses is one of the most important reasons in this comparison

    Are Prefab Homes Resistant to Storms and Winds ?

    Prefabricated houses are structures that are resistant to Storm and Wind at 80 km/h, but if they are going to be built in a region where a higher storm and wind will blow, an extra strength is required. In this regard, if the customer informs us of the wind load of the land, we carry out extra studies related to this.

    Are Prefab Homes Earthquake Resistant ?

    Our prefabricated buildings are known primarily as earthquake houses because they are much more resistant to earthquakes than other structures. Since there is a certain stretching in the steel structure during an earthquake, the prefabricated house does not collapse in any way. Since it is not as heavy as reinforced concrete, there can not be major damage in the materials of the prefab house. Prefab homes are very solid structures because these structures can not be affected by the ground as much as the reinforced concrete during the earthquake.

    Can Prefab Home Be Disassembled Be Moved to Another Land ?

    Prefabricated houses can be disasembled and moved to another place later because prefabricated buildings are modular structures. The assembly of prefabricated structures in construction sites is a much more important feature because prefabricated dining halls, prefabricated dormitories, prefabricated offices can be dismantled and moved to another construction site.

    What Are the Differences Between Prefab House and Steel House ?

    Yes, one of the frequently asked questions is “What are the differences between a prefabricated house and a steel house?” Steel houses are structures that are valid all over the world, can be built in all desired shapes and have no design limits. Prefabricated houses are more about creating modular structures from ready-made parts in the factory. There are some design limitations in prefab houses, but they are much more advantageous than steel houses in terms of speed and price. For more information, you can contact our expert team.

    How Is the Assembly and Delivery Time of Prefab Homes ?

    The delivery time of a prefabricated house depends on many factors. Example: The experience of the team that will assemble the prefabricated house is important, but the installation time of an average 100 m2 prefabricated house is 5 days with 5 people,  the painting and masticing time is 2 days with 2 people.

    Is Prefab Home Harmful to Health ?

    Prefabricated house materials do not harm human health in any way, we pay attention to this topic in our house materials, Our products are also resistant to heat, rain and snow.

    How Is the Sound and Heat Instulation of Prefab Homes ?

    Prefabricated houses are much better structures than reinforced concrete houses in terms of heat insulation because 16 density styrofoam or 40 density rock wool is used on each wall of the house. On the roof, 10 cm thick insulation is used. In terms of sound, Prefab homes have similar insulation performance compared to reinforced concrete structures.

    Can a Prefab Home Be Made With the Plan and Appearance Our Customer Want

    Yes, prefabricated houses can be built in the plans and exteriors that our customers want, but in luxury buildings, steel houses are preferred because certain standards must be provided in prefabricated houses. As Ideal Prefab, we are able to provide solutions to all the needs of our customers. You can check our prefabricated and steel house models in our website. In this way, you can see what systems we can build and get inspired. The sky is the limit for the Ideal Prefab 🙂

    How Many Floors Can Prefab Homes Have in Max ?

    Prefabricated houses are generally preferred as single storey or two storey, but sometimes we also make special three-storey or four-storey structures. As the number of floors increases, steel house is preferred instead of prefabricated, since the steel system is more suitable.

    Can Solar Energy Panels Be Used in Prefab Homes ?

    Solar energy and solar panels can be used in prefab homes. Many of our customers meet their heating and electricity needs with solar panels on the roof. There are some special apparatuses for this.

    Can I Paint My Prefab Home by Myself ?

    We have stated that the house should be painted every 3-4 years in the maintenance of prefabricated houses, so you can paint the houses again by yourself. Since our paints are water-based, you can easily paint your house whenever you want. That’s why we recommend that you wash your house every season and paint it once every 3-4 years for maintenance.

    What Are the Types of Prefab Buildings

    When it comes to prefabricated buildings, the first thing that comes to mind is prefabricated houses. Apart from prefabricated houses, there are many types such as prefabricated office, prefabricated school, prefabricated hospital, prefabricated cafeteria, prefabricated dormitory, prefabricated prayer room, prefabricated toilet.

    Can We See the Manufacturing Area and Ideal Sample Prefab Homes in Your Factory ?

    We can give you addresses and telephone numbers for the prefabricated houses we build. You can go to these locations and listen to customers’ experiences and check out the homes we’ve built. You can see our sample prefabricated houses by coming to our largest prefabricated factory in Turkey. Ideal Prefab makes your dreams come true ! 🙂