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You can see all the details about drywalls & gypsum board materials in this page.

Ceiling C Profile METER 1,00 1,10 1,15
Ceiling U Profile METER 0,67 0,70 0,75
Wall C Profile (75) METER 1,40 1,60 1,75
Wall U Profile (75) METER 0,90 1,00 1,20
Wall C Profile (50) METER 1,00 1,10 1,25
Wall U Profile (50) METER 0,85 0,70 0,80

What is Drywall & Gypsum Board, Where We Use These Materials ?

Let’s take a look at what is drywall, which we encounter in our living spaces, workplaces, cafes, restaurants and many other areas.

What is drywall ?

It is a gypsum board covered with paper on both sides, the main material of which is gypsum. It is a light, fire resistant and sound insulation material. It is a frequently preferred product because gyupsum board is very easy to apply and can be applied in a short time. Although it is generally used for construction and decoration purposes, it also has different usage areas.

What are the usage ares of gypsumboard ?

It has a very wide application area. Some of those; ventilation facilities, insulation and coating processes, roof, facade, wall and ceiling coverings, construction of partition walls and suspended ceiling systems, production of support sheets of PVC brands, roof and facade coatings, prefabricated building productions, prefabricated wall and ceiling coatings.

What are the advantages of gypsumboard ?

  • Thanks to the flexibility of the plasterboard partition wall, it is resistant to dynamic effects.
  • Easy to hide the installations. The pH value is the same as the human body. It does not produce bacteria.
  • Drywall Profile is Economical.
  • 2 2 2 Load per m on plasterboard partition wall: 35 kg/m Load per m on brick wall: 300 kg/m2
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • It saves labor cost and time
  • Gypsum board partition wall does not cause space loss in the structure. – Drywalls partition wall in buildings is 9 times lighter than brick wall
  • Perfect sound, heat and fire insulation is provided by the drywall partition wall.
  • It is possible to produce profiles in desired lengths according to the project details.

You can see the Drywall Profile Models here, The most preferred drywall profiles are; Ceiling U Drywall Profile, Ceiling C Drywall Profile, Wall C Drywall Profile, PVC Support Sheet, Mini H profiles.

Drywall & gypsumboard application

Gypsumboard application is applied by screwing and fixing on galvanized steel sheets in different dimensions, such as 5/5 10/10. It can be also used in different applications such as wall cladding,l. After the drywall is fixed, there may be gaps depending on the application and the surface, these exposed surfaces are covered with joint tapes made of glass wool, rock wool or polyester fibers. These closed areas are covered with plaster and sanded after drying to form a flat surface. Finally, it can be painted or covered with wallpaper according to the place and taste.

Technical specifications about drywall & gypsuboard

The gypsum board can be produced between 6/18 mm thicknesses depending on the application area and surface. These plates, which are in different thicknesses, are 120 – 125 cm wide depending on the place where they are produced and can have a size between 200 – 450 cm. Drywalls can be used for decorative purposes are generally used in 6mm thickness due to their bending properties. The 7/9 mm ones are used in suspended ceilings due to their lightness, while the 9/18 mm thick ones are used in wall coverings. The content of gypsum boards also changes according to the place where they will be used. For example, gypsum boards to be used in wet areas have increased water resistance with chemical substances, and gypsum boards with increased fire resistance are used in places where fire resistance is required.

gypsum board application

If you want to continue your life in prefabricated steel construction or container buildings, you may want to have a gypsum board application. Let us tell you that the reason why people prefer such buildings, for example, people prefer prefabricated, steel construction and container buildings because they are much safer. This is very important for people living in the earthquake zone. Another reason why people prefer these buildings is that they are more cost-effective.

People who own a land can own their own homes at much lower costs. And instead of paying rent, they can live at their house.This is also a very important situation. Because prefabricated buildings are much more cost-effective. And it saves a lot of money. In addition, the construction times of prefabricated buildings are much shorter. For this reason, many people prefer prefabricated, steel construction and container buildings.

When we say drywall materials, there are certain materials that come to mind. People who will apply drywall to their home should know these materials. Otherwise, they may make some mistakes. Let us explain these materials to you one by one. First of all, braces are one of the drywall materials. Then comes the suspended ceiling clip, ceiling anchor, anchor, and chipboard screws. In addition, these materials include single-hole and double-hole suspension plates, hooks, and round hanger wires. Also, the fittings are among the drywall materials. If you are applying gypsumboard to your home, you will definitely need these materials. For this reason, it is very important that you have these materials before you start the application.