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Containers are structures that have many different uses. These structures can be designed according to needs and can have different designs on demand. Container structures are capable of being a one-to-one solution to the housing problem. Fast construction, low cost, and safety have led many people to turn to container structures today. Containers, which maintain their durability for 50-100 years, are quite affordable compared to reinforced concrete structures. For this reason, people who need a structure for whatever purpose can choose container structures. When we compare container structures with reinforced concrete structures, they have many advantages.

Today, even the simplest reinforced concrete structure may take a month to complete. But the construction of a two-story container house takes much less time. In the past, the designs of container structures were much more restricted. Today, there are container designs that have the design you want and are very successful in terms of architecture. Containers are structures that we often encounter in our daily lives. There are taxi stands, rooms where workers stay at construction sites, washbasins and showers on beaches and there are examples that we can increase even more. These structures are easy to construct, portable, low cost, and safe when compared with reinforced concrete structures.