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Prefab dormitory will be a fast, easy, and low-cost solution in regions that need dormitories. Because prefabricated structures have much shorter construction times. In addition, it is possible to construct prefabricated structures with a free design according to the number of rooms required for a dormitory. In addition, prefabricated dormitories will be a very logical choice for earthquake zones. Because hundreds of students stay in dormitories and prefabricated structures will be the best choice for earthquake zones. If the prefabricated structures were not strong enough, the buildings of hospitals, dormitories and similar institutions would not have been preferred.

For example, if the hospital is damaged when an earthquake occurs in a city, a prefabricated hospital can be built in a short time. In other words, a hospital with the required capacity in the disaster area can be put into service immediately. But if you try to build a reinforced concrete building, this time will be much longer because the construction of reinforced concrete structures takes much longer than prefabricated structures. For this reason, if there is a need for a dormitory in a city, prefab dormitory will be a very logical option.

The Cost of Prefab Structures

The cost of a prefabricated building is much less than the cost of a reinforced concrete dormitory. Let us tell you why prefabricated buildings cost less. Firstly, prefabricated structures can be made depends custom order. You get a price according to the size of the project. However, unexpected costs may arise in the construction of reinforced concrete structures. This can be quite annoying. In addition, transportation costs are much less when it comes to prefabricated structures. For this reason, prefab dormitory will be a very reasonable option.