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Prefab mosque is something that is quite common in Turkey. Because it is both low costs, more durable and easier to build. All of these are sufficient to prefer prefab mosque in regions that need mosques. In addition, the fact that even mosques can be preferred prefab is an indication of the design infinity of prefab buildings. Because mosques are different from other buildings in design. And getting this design prefabricated should attract people’s attention.

Already today, prefabricated structures are much more preferred. Because prefabricated structures have many advantages over reinforced concrete structures. And people have begun to realize that they can have more advantageous structures with lower costs. It is very important to turn to prefabricated buildings, especially in countries with earthquake zones such as Turkey. The skeleton of prefabricated structures is steel. Steel is a very strong and flexible material. For this reason, steel structures are highly resistant to earthquakes. Reinforced concrete buildings are the opposite. Concrete is a solid material, but not flexible. For this reason, reinforced concrete buildings can be destroyed or severely damaged in possible earthquakes. However, this is not the case in prefabricated buildings.

Advantages of Choosing a Prefab Structure

There are many different advantages of choosing a prefabricated structure. For example, when you buy a prefabricated building, you will not encounter additional costs. However, you may encounter more than one unexpected situation in the construction of a reinforced concrete building. This means additional expense. The construction period of a reinforced concrete building is also much longer. It takes about 2-3 months for a reinforced concrete building to be finished.

However, the construction of a prefabricated building is completed in a short time like 1 month. Since only parts of prefabricated buildings are produced at the factory, there is a specific ordering process. People should turn their homes, municipalities schools and hospitals into prefabricated buildings. Already today, there are many prefabricated building constructions, including a prefab mosque. Because people have realized that these structures are more advantageous.