The construction industry is developing itself day by day due to many reasons such as the development of technology and the change in human needs. In this way, Ideal Prefab produces many different types of materials and structures. Today, steel structures provide advantages in many respects, their use is becoming more common day by day. Let’s take a look at what this steel construction is, which has the longest life span compared to other types of structures.

What Are the Types of Steel Construction Structures ?

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What Is Steel Construction ?

We would not be wrong if we say that steel construction is a detailed construction technique. In this construction system, galvanization process is carried out. Steel profiles are stainless and are made using long-lasting sheets. Although it is preferred in many areas, it is widely used in the industry sector. Steel houses are made similar to prefabricated houses. First of all, a skeleton is prepared according to the structure to be built, and then the assembly process is made. The carrier system consists entirely of steel & metal. Although much lighter than reinforced concrete, these structures, which are more durable, are used in industry, health, aviation and many other fields. Compared to other building types, a small amount of raw material is required.

How Durable Are Steel Construction Structures ?

The combination of factors such as the strength of steel as a structure, its lightness compared to reinforced concrete, and its flexibility make the structures made of steel construction much more durable. If the steel structures are compared with a reinforced concrete structure of the same size, they are 10 times lighter than the reinforced concrete structure. This, considering that steel is a solid material in case of an earthquake, prevents the steel from being forced during an earthquake and shows that it is more reliable than reinforced concrete structures. Another reason why steel structures are so safe is the galvanization process on the steel. In addition, the application of the galvanization process shows that the life of the steel construction is too long.

What Are the Advantages of Steel Construction Structures ?

  • Steel as a raw material is already a solid material, so these structures are quite durable and safeful in steel construction structures.
  • Steel construction structures are much more affordable than reinforced concrete structures.
  • It is much lighter than reinforced concrete structures.
  • Since it is light, flexible and durable, it is more resistant to earthquakes. There is no limit in terms of design.
  • It saves time and it is easy to install.
  • Can be recycled.
  • Easy to transport and set up.

Our Steel Construction Buildings Projects

Steel buildings are very advantageous structures.  If you live in an earthquake zone like Turkey, the durability of the buildings will be very important. But durability is not the only advantage of steel buildings. These buildings are much more advantageous than reinforced concrete structures in many respects. In this article, we will first tell you about the advantages of steel structures in detail. After talking about these advantages, we will tell you the cost of steel buildings. In this way, you will have much more detailed information about this subject. And you will be able to make a much more logical decision

Advantages of Steel Building

Steel structures have many advantages over reinforced concrete structures. The cost, durability and construction period of these structures are much better than reinforced concrete structures. Let us explain them to you one by one. First, one of the most important things for the buildings in the earthquake zone is the flexibility of the building as well as its strength. Because if the structures are not flexible, destruction will be inevitable during an earthquake. But if the structures are flexible, the destruction will be minimal.

Steel buildings, on the other hand, are both very durable and flexible structures. For this reason, they are quite good options for people. And most importantly, steel structures are much safer than reinforced concrete structures. The advantages of these structures do not end there. In addition, the construction period of a reinforced concrete structure is quite long. The construction time of a steel building is much shorter. In other words, steel buildings will also save you time. This is one of the biggest advantages of steel structures. Let’s talk about the biggest advantage of these buildings.