Steel Construction Structures Prices

Steel Construction Cold storages are not only economical but also bring many advantages such as thermal insulation, water insulation and sound insulation. At the same time, it is highly resistant to external factors and harsh climatic conditions.

Contrary to what most people think, cold storage is not only useful for stocking food products. It has many uses in the medical and health field. Cold storage, which is needed in most sectors, greatly facilitates the work of people with its affordable price, high insulation and comfort.

Steel Construction Cold Storage Structures

  1. Hospital and healtcare industry,
  2. Lab
  3. Meat businessess
  4. Seafood businesses

What Are the Features of Steel Construction Cold Storages

  • Steel Construction Cold storage systems are divided into three different parts such as industrial panel, wall, ceiling and floor insulation.
  • The panels of the cold storage rooms designed by engineers and architects with mathematical calculations in line with the customer’s requests are produced with a choice of 114 cm width and 1200 cm length.
  • Steel Cold storages can be easily disassembled and moved on another place
  • Industrial panels of cold storage rooms have a thickness between 6 cm and 20 cm.
  • It is produced in accordance with customer requests, suitable for use in steel construction structures or classical reinforced concrete structures.
  • With its design, cold storages provide high advantages in terms of both longevity and energy saving.
  • Designs are shaped by the wishes and desires of the customers. For this reason, customers see the cold storage in the computer environment at the first stage and they can remove the features they do not like and add new features.

What Are the Prices of Steel Construction Cold Storage ?

Steel construction cold storages are designed and produced by architects and engineers in line with the wishes and demands of the customers. Prices vary according to features such as the area where the  cold storages will be installed, the purpose of use, thermal insulation and water insulation. At the same time, the thickness, size and other technical features of the cold storage directly affect the prices. It is not correct to determine an exact and precise price due to factors that vary according to the demands of other customers.

Did you know that container structures are also used as cold storage? Some business need cold storages because products may lose their usability in hot weather so these products can be stored in these warehouses. For this reason, people prefer these structures because these are really easy-to-build.  Container cold storages are very useful. At the same time, people who are skeptical about the heat insulation of container structures may be surprised when they see these warehouses. But contrary to what people think, there is no insulation problem in container structures.

In container structures, heat insulation is provided more easily than in reinforced concrete structures. At the same time, the quality of the materials used is also very effective on this insulation. If high quality materials are used in container cold storage, there will be no heat insulation problem. We also use the best materials in the container cold storages structures we build. For this reason, our customers never complain about heat insulation in the container structures we build.

The Construction Process of Container Cold Storages

Preferring container structures is advantageous in many ways. For example, container structures are much less costly than reinforced concrete structures. For this reason alone, the preference for many people is always in favor of container structures. Of course, this is not the only advantage of container structures.

At the same time, the fact that they are built in a short time is one of the reasons why people prefer container structures. While it takes much longer to build a reinforced concrete structure, container structures are built in a much shorter time. All construction processes related to container structures come to an end in a short time. Ideal Prefab will build your dream container house, container office or container cold storage for you. Moreover, Ideal Prefab will achieve this with the highest quality materials in a minimum time.