Steel Construction Factory


Reinforced concrete structures are decreasing day by day due to their disadvantages. Steel construction structures, on the other hand, continue to develop in production as an alternative to reinforced concrete. Steel structures have started to be preferred especially by manufacturers with their low cost, long-lasting structures and fast assembly time. While the slow construction time of reinforced concrete factories is a waste of time for manufacturers, steel factories are designed by architects and engineers in computer environment in accordance with statics with mathematical operations, and production starts when the customer approves the project.

What Are the Advantages of Steel Construction Factory ?

  1. Steel factories are turned into projects by architects and engineers with special programs in computer environment. Customers can easily have the steel factory they want by communicating their wishes and desires to the architects and engineers.
  2. Engineers and architects work together as a team and focus on customer satisfaction.
  3. While the steel factory is at the project stage, the weather conditions that may occur at the time of installation are calculated and the disruptions that may occur during the construction of the steel factories are prevented in advance.
  4. The production and assembly processes of steel factories are quite easy. Thanks to this feature, labor costs are low so customers save a lot of money.
  5. Steel factories go through multiple quality and control tests during production. Thanks to these tests, errors that may occur in the steel factory can be corrected.
  6. Steel factories have surpassed its alternatives in terms of heat insulation and sound insulation. Steel factories provide a great advantage compared to reinforced concrete factories. Steel factories are more resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes. Thanks to this durability, steel factories both ensure the safety of employees and prevent customers from suffering financial losses.

Steel Factory Prices

Steel factory prices are calculated in line with the customer’s requests. In other words, many factors such as the features that the customer wants to be added, the type of insulation, the size of the factory, the area where the steel factory will be established, the number of floors of the steel factory directly affect the prices of the steel mills. At the same time, the selection of the company and the wages of the engineer-architect teams also affect this price. So we advise you to come to our factory to get a price.

Our Steel Construction Projects

When the subject is steel consultation buildings, of course, the steel factory is one of our main subjects. Main skeleton of steel buildings consists of steel according to the determined plan takes place in the steel factory.

Transportation process is one of the things that determines the time the building will be built. The faster the transport, the sooner the building will be delivered to our customer. For this reason, the steel factory is very important when it comes to steel buildings.

Steel buildings are the buildings that people prefer very much today. Not only areas such as houses and offices, but even parking lots are made of steel structures. Because people understand more in recent years how durable and logical steel structures are especially for Turkey. People are now much more conscious about steel structures. And when a building will be built, steel should definitely be the first of those choices.

Why Should People Choose Steel Buildings?

The biggest advantage of steel buildings is that these structures are resistant to earthquakes. Since steel is both a flexible and durable material, steel buildings can not be collapsed in an earthquake. In a country like Turkey, which is in an earthquake zone, it is very important to prefer steel buildings. At the same time, the cost of steel buildings is much lower than the cost of reinforced concrete buildings. This situation is quite enough for people to prefer steel buildings. When we consider the construction period, steel buildings are still a very logical option. Because the construction period of steel buildings is much lower than the construction period of reinforced concrete buildings.