Steel Construction Hangar

Steel Construction Hangar

Steel hangar structures are produced with light steel and can be designed without the need for columns up to 50 meters wide with the right project. Projects are designed by architects and engineers based on mathematical calculations in line with customers’ requests.

Steel hangars can be produced from different materials according to the purpose of production and installation places. Engineers make such decisions to select the most suitable material for the conditionss because such factors directly affect the durability and safety of steel hangars. All other decisions and requests depend on the wishes and desires of the customers.

The designs of steel hangars are drawn in computer environment through special programs. The static is calculated. These designs are then transferred to computer aided machines. Companies that attach importance to customer satisfaction start production as soon as they receive approval.

Compared to reinforced concrete buildings, steel hangars are very advantageous in terms of time of assembly, usage area and price. However, factors such as the production purpose of steel hangars and the company may cause a great fluctuation in the price. For this reason, it is not possible to determine an exact price. Our expert team have to make the project design ready and calculate the all the materials which are going to be produced in the factory for the certain price. If you are curious about the steel construction hangar prices, do not forget to call us 🙂

What Are the Advantages of Steel Construction Hangar

  1. Unlike reinforced concrete structures, it has the advantage of high heat, and sound insulation.
  2. In addition to being a long-lasting structure, it also draws attention with its affordable cost.
  3. Because it is designed by engineers and architects, the margin of error is close to zero.
  4. Steel construction hanger production is quite fast compared to other building types. For this reason, it saves customers time.
  5. It provides advantages in terms of design according to the usage areas of the customer.
  6. It is durable and reliable against natural disasters such as earthquakes.
  7. Hangars produced with galvanized steel are advantageous in terms of corrosion and rusting. It is resistant to moisture.
  8. Because it is environmentally friendly, its recycling rate to nature is higher than reinforced concrete buildings.


Many people or company may have a personal plane so airplane hangar can be required. People even build special garages to put their cars. However, cars are much more resistant to variable weather conditions than airplanes. For people or company who own planes, it is essential to have a airplane hangar where they can park their planes. Because these hangars allow the airplane to stay intact for a much longer period, the airplane & aircraft are protected against variable weather conditions. So, what is the best choice for these hangars? Let’s talk about it.

When it comes to your car garage, airplane hangar or warehouse needs, container or steel structures will be the most logical choice for you because these structures have much shorter construction times than many reinforced concrete structures. For example, the completion of a reinforced concrete structure may take a month, while the construction of steel and container structures is completed in a much shorter time. If you are wondering why this period is so short, let us explain it briefly. There are many stages in the construction of reinforced concrete structures, However, many of these stages are absent in the construction of containers and steel structures so it can be assembled in a short time.