Steel Houses Prices

With the developing technology, not only the devices we use, but also our architecture is developing. Realizing this, people are now turning to different architectures in their daily lives. Steel construction buildings are preferred by people who want to save cost and time.

Light, homogeneous and flexible steel houses are more resistant to earthquakes than reinforced concrete buildings.

What Are the Advantages of Steel House & Steel Construction Buildings

  • Since steel construction buildings are light, the damage is less in an earthquake. These reasons are the focus of attention by countries in the earthquake zone such as Turkey.
  • It is homogeneous compared to reinforced concrete buildings. Due to the resistance rule, it is more resistant to earthquakes compared to the heterogeneous reinforced concrete buildings.
  • It can be easily installed. Prefabricated houses and steel construction buildings based on similar infrastructure are produced at the factory and assembled at the construction site. It is built faster than reinforced concrete buildings and saves time for customers.
  • It helps you to avoid expenses compared to reinforced concrete buildings with its rapid construction. While it saves you money on materials, it also prevents you from paying extra fees to the workers with its installation in a short time.
  • The margin of error of steel construction buildings in computer environment with mathematical and static calculations is very low.
  • Steel houses are better compared to concrete houses in terms of heat and sound insulation. Steel construction houses have the highest level sound and heat insulation.


Steel structures are structures that conscious people prefer much more today. Customers prefer these structures for many different reasons. Let’s talk about these reasons and these structures. The biggest reason why these structures are preferred by people is durability. These structures are much more durable than reinforced concrete structures. Especially since Turkey is an earthquake zone, it is much more important for people to choose steel in structures in Turkey. In addition, steel structures have a much lower cost than reinforced concrete structures which are safer. This is an indication that people can obtain a safer option at a lower cost.

The construction of a reinforced concrete structure takes a minimum of 1 year. That’s quite a long time for a construction in the modern world. But the construction of a steel structure takes much less time. This makes steel structures much more advantageous in a job that needs to be started quickly. For this reason, these structures are quite logical options for many people. In addition, the most important features of these structures are their strength and flexibility. These structures have two of the most sought-after features in earthquake zones. Let us give you more detailed information on this subject.

The life span of steel structures is one of the things that people are most curious about. However, contrary to what people think, steel structures are structures that can be used for quite a long time. In earthquake zones like Turkey, a reinforced concrete building is dangerous after 25 years. But a steel structure has a minimum life of 60 years. This is quite good time for a building. This is the minimum time we’re talking about by the way. This period may be extended depending on the quality of the steel used. Living in a safer home or working in a safer workplace at more affordable prices is a huge advantage.