Steel Construction Warehouses

The height of the steel warehouses produced with the light steel system varies between 10 meters and 15 meters depending on the customer’s request. Taking the galvanization and weldless system technology of the sheet material used as the basis in its production extends the life span of the steel warehouse structure.

In addition, thanks to galvanized and weldless system technology, steel warehouse structures can be dismantled and re-installed on a different land. Steel warehouse structures can be produced with different features, statics and dimensions. Depending on the area where the steel warehouse structures will be installed, the insulation technique to be used on the wall and roof may vary. It is very important to determine this insulation correctly, because the products to be stored in the steel warehouse must be protected in the most accurate way.

What Are the Advantages of Steel Construction Warehouses ?

  • Since the raw material of steel warehouses is steel, they are strong, strong and light at the same time. For this reason, it is a product that is both long-lasting and can be easily installed and disassembled. At the same time, it takes the least damage against earthquakes with its durable structure, more efficient and flexible structure.
  • Steel warehouses are designed by competent architects and engineers and manufactured in the factory. For this reason, the margin of error is close to zero. At the same time, it is less costly and environmentally friendly than concrete warehouses. Steel is a highly recyclable structure.
  • It has high sound, heat and water insulation in line with the customer’s request. In this way, it provides convenience in protecting the product to be stored in the warehouse.
  • Steel construction warehouse production is quite fast. With its fast production and easy assembly, it prevents the customer from losing time.
  • In terms of design, it is aesthetic compared to other structures.
  • Since it is produced from galvanized steel, it is resistant to bacteria such as rust, mold and fungus.
  • We also make these steel warehouses in countries such as Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan ect.

Steel Construction Warehouse Prices

The prices of steel warehouse structures vary according to the location of the warehouse, its height, width, insulation type, project and customer requests. Since the materials of steel warehouse structures are imported products, there may be an increase or decrease in price depending on the current market and economic situation. The company and the transportation operations where the steel warehouse is requested are also reflected in the price difference.

Steel warehouse is a very logical option for businesses that need a warehouse. Today, many workplaces provide their warehouse needs with steel structures because steel structures have many advantages. People want to capitalize on these advantages. The biggest advantage of steel structures is their low cost. For this reason, people prefer low-cost steel structures when they need a warehouse.

This is also quite normal. Low cost is not the only advantage of steel structures. At the same time, steel warehouse construction can completed in a much shorter time than a reinforced concrete structure. All of these are the biggest reasons why people turn to steel warehouse today. At the same time, steel structures are much stronger than reinforced concrete structures. For this reason, it is very important for people living in earthquake zones to prefer steel structures.

The Cost of Steel Warehouse

Steel structures have much lower costs than reinforced concrete structures. This makes steel warehouses quite logical. People know very well the advantages of steel structures due to their low cost and fast assembly. This issue also applies when it comes to warehouse construction. Steel warehouse construction takes a short time and has a much lower cost.

The Differences of Steel Warehouses

The first and biggest difference of steel structures from reinforced concrete structures is that they are much lower cost. This low cost makes people turn to steel structures. This also applies to warehouses. Especially construction companies prefer steel warehouses much more frequently. Because steel warehouses are structures that can be built in a short time and can be used for a much longer time. The fact that steel is flexible and at the same time durable makes it much more resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes. All these show that steel is quite advantageous over concrete. For this reason, you can prefer steel structures more.