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Ideal Prefab

If you have a dream, as Ideal Prefab, we are with you to make your dreams come true. We can make earthquake-resistant living spaces with both quality and affordable prefab homes. We provide service with our prefabricated houses suitable for all seasons. Prefab Homes, which have many advantages compared to reinforced concrete houses, are in great demand today. If you are thinking of having a prefab home, we, as Ideal Prefab, can provide you with the best quality solution.

Ideal Prefab also provides services in many areas such as container houses, steel houses, prefabricated structures.

As Turkey’s largest prefabricated manufacturer, we continue to work non-stop to give you the best service. When determining the price range for prefab home models, it is necessary to consider many factors. As Ideal Prefab, we use the highest quality materials. We are proud to be the company that uses the highest quality roof and Wall materials in Turkey. You can come to our factory in Gebze Kocaeli and see both our production area and sample houses.

We have sent homes to more than 50 countries so far. If you are looking for a prefab house that is both high quality and affordable, we can help you with prefabricated houses. Since we are a prefab manufacturer, we can also send prefabricated and steel materials at affordable prices. You can also find modular construction (offices, schools, medical facilities, military camps and any construction sites), prefabricated buildings, modular homes, containers and steel buildings & steel structures in our website. Ideal Prefab makes your dreams come true. You can send your plans and special requests about your project to Our engineers and architects will provide feedback as soon as possible.